“Classic Agency” takes care of the tourist animation and applies in the concrete and professional world to the high expectations of a demanding tourist market on a continuous and progressive level, especially in our service, being sensitive and strategic.
“Classic Agency” sets its aims high, realistic and dream wise. It’s a chain, a never ending circle which is expected to be done with perfection and with punctuality worthwhile of this qualification in front of the clientele.
“Classic Agency” is represented on a large scale throughout Egypt, Turkey and Dubai. Our biggest market which has started to develop these last years, is Sharm El Sheikh, providing Animation services in more than 20 hotels of international reputation.
“Classic Agency” is following up Guest Comments throughout the Hotel & The Trip Advisor. Classic Agency will take immediate action concerning dissatisfaction of any of the Guests by sending our Supervisor to enhance the performance level.
“Classic Agency” offers a hierarchal pyramid in order to provide a perfect service and renovating spirit. We offer an Animation Team in which the individuality of each person strengthens the team.
First of all on the language level: we offer all kind of nationalities such as Tunisians, Russians, Italian, Swiss, Egyptians, Turkish, Germans, French, English, Georgians etc.
Secondly, as for the titles, we offer the hierarchy:
A. the Chiefs of Animation with a large experience in the subject, then
B. the Organizer for all the morning exercises and not to forget
C. the Specialists for children and
D. the Specialists for the Entertainment ( micro operator, singers, dancers etc.).
Furthermore, in regards to the kind of hotel, we can provide Club Animators with great international experience, as well as Classy and Convinced Animators for, as it is now called Soft Animation (in the 5-stars and + hotels).
“Classic Agency” in the tourist sector, is a professional image, vibrant and dynamic, for all activities that you can define under “The New Animation”.


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